Why it is hard to concentrate ?

Concentration is the power of focusing all one’s attention. The brain is the central and most powerful part of the human body. By concentrating the brainpower on a thing one can do anything which looks almost impossible. By concentration, anybody can perform a long-term task in minimum time. But the problem is many people cannot concentrate. Many people complain of difficulty concentrating. On the job, on their creative tasks, or even in their daily routines, we frequently hear them talk about difficulty keeping track. we hear them say that regardless of their best efforts, their minds sometimes feel as though they are on a “scan” setting, constantly jumping from one station to the next long enough, without focusing one of them and nothing is done.

So, lets first examine some causes for this variance and what factors may be related to diminished ability to maintain attention and concentration.

  1. Fatigue:

Being tired and fatigued is the concentration’s most horrible enemy. Research shows that staying up just 1 hour later than normal significantly reduces focusing capability. Our brains are developed to work best under very particular conditions and nothing spoils its ability to stay focused quite like being tired and fatigued. Rack up sleep deficits regularly, and you’ll likely experience routine and persistent concentration problems.

  1. Stress:

It is simple, the more you go through the task, (generally) the more stress you experience. The more you feel stress, the more difficult it is to concentrate. If you have a healthy mind you will have a happy life. You can do any task with concentration. Stress and negative life- events make concentration difficult. A stressed person cannot perform anything properly. If you stress to do any task, you will never be able to concentrate on it.

  1. Multitasking:

Multitasking is NOT a good thing. Time is money; we are continuously pushed to do more things at once and faster. However, scientific research has constantly proven that not only is this approach harmful to the task at hand (careless errors, for example), it is also horrific for your brain! It becomes familiar to jumping from topic to topic, making it even harder for you to attach your ability to stay focused on any one thing for any longer period of time. In other words, by too much multitasking you are unable to teach your brain to have a shorter and less efficient attention span.

  1. Physical Factors:

A physical distraction causes mental distraction. This can be as certain as not feeling well due to illness or injury, but it also plays a more delicate role. Focusing is more difficult if you have certain physical or mental health conditions, including thyroid disease, anemia, diabetes, depression, or anxiety. Again, the mind and body connection is very important with it you can to be able to concentrate.

  1. Lack of Challenge:

This factor is pretty clear when you look at a child (or adult), sit them down to do the same thing for the 100th times and they can’t focus. Give them a novel, exciting, and challenging task and all of a sudden they are able to focus. Our brains are continuously being attacked by internal and external incentive, it makes sense that some of them go into “auto-pilot” and that our brains conserve time and energy by paying less attention to those things which are very usual.

Now you know some of the real reasons why people’s concentration varies, you can start to take a record of which apply to you. You can use do anything by focusing on the brainpower.

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