Features And Uses Of Benchtop Fume Hood In A Laboratory

The personnel who work in the laboratory should have proper conditions of safety so that they can be provided protection from any type of hazardous task. The usage of the Benchtop Fume hood is limiting the exposure to vapors, toxic fumes, and dust when there is laboratory workflow.  With the help of Benchtop Fume hood, a safe laboratory condition is provided to the personnel. These have been specially made for the chemical resistance with proper clear sashes which can slide horizontally or vertically into place. This helps in supporting the working visibility as well.

Safety features

The fume hoods are the large piece of equipment that is enclosed and it creates the working area.  These are also leak proof which means enclosures of the fume hood will not corrode even if there is heavy routine use. The Benchtop Fume hoods filter and circulate air for eliminating the vapors which are produced. Such fume hoods are located on a stable and flat surface which will allow you to work with no problem.

Functioning of Benchtop Fume hood

The Benchtop Fume hood draws the air out of the room in which they are installed. It is very important that there is an adequate volume of air that is available or the Benchtop Fume hood cannot draw sufficient volume from the air in order to function properly. If the Benchtop Fume hood is located in a very small room or there are many Benchtop Fume hoods, then there may be a need for additional air supply other than the ventilation in a normal room.  The additional air in the room is known as makeup air. Sometimes the makeup air may not be adequate or may get switched off then Benchtop Fume hood may not get the face velocity which is required. This can actually lead the fumes to escape in the lab.

Ducted and ductless fume hoods

There are two types of fume hoods which are ductless (recirculating) and ducted fume hoods. It is very important for you to know for both the principle are the same and air gets drawn from the cabinet’s front side or even gets expelled out from the building. This can be made safe with the filtration or can even feedback in the room.  Such devices are placed against walls and are also filled with the infills above for covering up the exhaust duct. Benchtop Fume hoods are part of the ventilation system of the laboratory due to the recirculation of the laboratory air to the facility is not allowed.

Protection of the workers

The Benchtop Fume hood is conceived for protecting the workers of the lab from any type of hazardous procedures and experiments.  This will prevent the workers from inhaling any type of toxic gases which also provides protection to the experiment and the product. This helps in protecting the environment. Even there are secondary options in which the fume hoods include spill containment, explosion protection, or any other function which is occurring in the device.

Maintenance of fume hood

In the inspection of the Benchtop Fume hood there includes periodic, annual, and daily inspections. The area of Benchtop Fume hood is visually inspected for the material storage and various visible blockages. The face or capture velocity is measured with an anemometer or velometer.  The hoods for the chemicals which are common have the average face velocity of 100 feet per minute.  Even the other exhaust devices are also smoke tested for determining whether the contaminants are designed for removing.

Benchtop Fume hood is basically placed on a storage cabinet or above the benchtop.  These are mainly used for those chemical procedures which have toxic materials in small or large quantities. Effective containment is provided by Benchtop Fume hood and also the exhaust of vapors, fumes, gases, mists, and aerosols which have low particle mass. Before making a final decision for purchasing the fume hoods it is very important to take care of some of the important aspects.

Importance Aspects To Be Checked Before Purchasing:

It is very important for you to check if the general application is perfect for the Benchtop Fume hood.  Also, check if the chemicals which are involved in the application can be filtered effectively with the carbon filters.  You must check how often you will have to replace the filters. There are some fume hoods which also limit the applications performed in it. The ductless fume hoods can only be used light-duty or some specific fume hoods. So before purchasing such aspects must be checked so that you can buy the perfect Benchtop Fume hood for the different applications.


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