Step by Step Instructions to Resolve Quickbooks Error 1324

Resolve Quickbooks Error 1324

While presenting an application in Windows, you may get “Misstep 1324 The Folder Path Contains an Invalid Character”. This is regularly achieved by an invalid character in the User Profile. 

It is actually a windows Error due to which screw up in QuickBooks occurs. The slip-up conventionally happens when a customer endeavors to present an application in Windows and it shows the Error Code 1324 – The envelope way contains an invalid character. \

Significant Causes Behind the QuickBooks Error Code 1324: 

The error ordinarily happens when the local structure language is set to Non-English or the system has any close by a structure that is set to Non-English.

Taking everything into account, QuickBooks Error in a general sense happens when their local window structure isn’t resolved to non-English. Starting at now it doesn’t have a limited version that is non-English. If the foundation language is picked on the inside, the mix-up occurs. It is basic to get the issue fixed as the step by step work may in like manner get influenced. Visit the QuickBooks online login page to resolve the QB login problem. 

Solve Error 1324 in Windows – The Folder Path Contains an Invalid Character

Generally, this error occurs while someone endeavoring to place in new programming and the coordinator where the installer is going to reveal some improvement is having invalid way, you will get any of the Errored message referenced underneath: 


  • The envelope way ‘program reports (x86)’ contains an invalid character 
  • Misstep 1324 the manner in which my records or the volume is invalid
  • Mix-up 1324 the manner in which my records contains an invalid character
  • Mix-up 1324 the way my photographs contains an invalid character


Here the envelope name will be not equivalent to My Documents to Temp, to Program records or anything with the invalid way and will give Error 1234.

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As Windows is one of the most popular working structure, chances are more people will see this slip-up. Considering our work limits, normally we need to present an application on our work regions and workstations in Windows. This is where we involvement in the “Error 1324 saying The Folder Path is containing an Invalid Character”. This is normally initiated by an unsatisfactory character in the “Customer Profile”. Here are three unique approaches to understand and vanquish this Quickbooks Customer Service screw up. Endeavor them and extra the charges to be paid to a person for fixing this it. 


Method #1 – Install your item for a Different Profile:

Logout from the current customer profile you are using and endeavor to present the item in a different profile. Here is the compact strategy to follow if you have to present the item using a different profile: 


  • Hold the Windows Key with crushing “R” on the support to disgorge the Run trade. 
  • Type “logoff”, and enter.
  • Have a go at marking in with another customer (if open). In case you don’t have another record, try to make another customer profile.
  • Have a go at presenting the item once more.

You can follow a comparative strategy by tapping on the start menu and log off the catch. If you have to make new customers, goto control reformatory and make one.

Method  #2 – Repair Affected Folders Path through Registry

  • Hold the Windows Key with crushing “R” on the support to spew the Run trade.
  • Type “Regedit” and enter, you will be brief to Registry Editor.
  • Circumnavigate to the succeeding region in the Windows Registry:
  • CurrentVersion
  • Explorer
  • Microsoft
  • Shell Folders
  • Programming
  • Windows 
  • Overview the “Singular” regard and endorse that the Value Data is set to “C:\Users\<username>\Documents”. where it states<username> would be your veritable username. For instance, in case you username can’t avoid being “UserName”, you would require the impetus to state “C:\Users\username\Documents”
  • Close the Registry Editor, and subsequently start by and by work zone/PC.
  • Try presenting the item once more. 
  • If in any case, you having a comparable issue, endeavor the underneath method which I for one attempted and worked immaculately fine.

Method #3 – Eliminate Invalid Character from Registry

  • Microsoft offers a suggestion that states to get rid of the invalid character from the library if you perceive what the invalid character is. 
  • Hold the Windows Key with pressing “R” on the comfort to hurl the Run trade.
  • Type “Regedit” and enter, you will be brief to Registry Editor.
  • Pick “Change” > “Find”.
  • Data the invalid character in the “Find What” box, by then pick “Find Next”.
  • You will see the value where the invalid character is found. Generally, there will the method for the coordinator where you are presenting the item. Change the route with a significant URL and extra it.
  • Hold F3 for a pass on onto another chase

At the point when your inquiry yield doesn’t give any data, close RegEdit and restart your PC. Directly you can present the item without standing up to an issue. Follow these ways and you would be through the issue. Quickbooks Support in Montana Offers your comments and points of view in the comment box underneath. You are moreover open to prescribing another way to deal with the issue.


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