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5 Best Travel Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

There are so many travel apps available these days that make your life easier though it is not an easy job to know which are the best travel apps to guide you.

In a world full of technologies, these apps provide us with a helping hand to stay connected with the world and make our life easier and fruitful. These apps can be used in every corner of the world. These apps become your travel buddies and support you everywhere.

If you are a recurrent traveller, there are a few apps that can make your trip or travel easier. Here, we have assembled a list of 5 best travel apps that make your life easier. People have used these and appreciated them a lot. Those best travel apps are:

Google Maps for the best navigation and route buddy

Whenever we travel to a new place, all of us end up going to the wrong places, taking wrong lanes, wrong roads, and wrong turns by asking different people about it. Google Maps is one of the most convenient and easy to access the app when it comes to navigation and knowing the right paths. 

The app not only saves your time to find the right way but also updates you about the time to reach the destination. It also updates you about the traffic.

Zomato for the food delivery

This app helps you to provide food on time and delivers food from your favourite restaurants. This app is accessible worldwide and delivers food to you anywhere and anytime. The app also shows the time your food will take to reach you and you can also see on the map the way to your restaurant. This app is the best food app for you whenever and wherever you are travelling.

AccuWeather for the weather forecast

No matter whether you want to have fun in Delhi or wander in New York, We must know about the weather in the place well in advance where we are planning to travel. It will help you to carry the kind of clothes for that travel. The weather can indeed make or break your mood, especially when you are travelling.

The app updates you about the severe weather conditions well in advance. This app is the best to be prepared for the weather condition of your travel. This app provides you with all-weather updates minute by minute for the exact location a few hours in advance of time.

Skyscanner for multiple bookings

Skyscanner helps you find the best and most affordable options related to flights, hotels, and car rentals. This app provides you with all updates about the change in price and cheapest dates to fly. You can easily find hotels available at the best price near you or the place you are travelling to. You can also find cars on rent to travel around the place. 

Splitwise for tracking your bills and expenses

Whenever we travel in a group, we always invest a lot of time in calculating expenses and sharing the remaining amount. Splitwise is the best app to calculate all your expenses and it shows clearly how much you and your friends have spent on that particular trip. The app shows very clearly who owes how much to whom. 

This app provides you with the right way to keep a check on the expenses you are doing and accordingly you can manage your budget. This app is your travel buddy in a way to manage your expenses and maintaining your budget.


So, these were the 5 best travel apps. These apps will not only make your travel easier, but these apps are helpful in general life as well. It is the right time that you download these apps on your mobile phone today and learn how to operate them to have a hassle-free journey next time.


Carren Dario is a blogger and freelancer. She often writes about self-improvement on Thediaryforlife. She’s also a fitness and travel enthusiast.

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