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8 Benefits of an interactive Web Design

As a business owner, you want maximum instances to interact with your customers. You want them to have a positive customer experience, with as much interaction as possible.

According to research, about 70% of a customer’s journey takes place in the web world in a “self-service” capacity. No matter at what level your business is you need to make most of the digital marketing. An interactive website will help make your brand experience unforgettable.

Let’s go through the potential benefits of interactive web design for taking your business to the next stage.

What is an interactive website?

An interactive website allows the audience to have more engagement with the website. It allows them to take actions, converse and seizes their attention. Below are a few examples of activities that can allow the customer to interact with the website.

  • Press play/pause options
  • Skipping an add
  • Sharing content
  • Clicking/ selecting
  • Interacting in voting polls
  • Online games
  • Entering their location and details
  • Having online conversations with customer care
  • Using simple tools
  • Sharing their views (feedback/commenting)

These actions make them feel like they are having an experience with a more personal touch. It also makes them feel like they are more familiar with your company and brand. Integrate these actions into website design to give your customers a more meaningful experience.

Interaction customer interaction helps you retain more clients, as they are left in awe with your website.


Make meaningful connections

With 70% of consumers opting for a digital experience, 90% of them want to have an interactive experience. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to develop a relationship with your customers on a personal level.

You want to do it before your competitors do it, grab the opportunity before it is too late. Step up your game by making an interactive website design that allows maximum engagement with the customers.

For example, a real estate web design should have 24/7 customer care, informative videos, and engaging blogs for the customer to share and learn.

Build customer trust

When a customer is able to interact with the website, they feel like they are directly interacting with the brand itself. A website that keeps allowing them to actively participate as they move through the website, encourages them to keep participating.

Increase in conversion rates

A website with interactive design promotes your brand as well as build customer trust. A trusting customer is a customer that is likely easy to retain. With time they will become loyal, paying customers.

They won’t even look towards your competition when they feel so in sync with your company. Poor content and bad user experience can scare away your customers. So, make sure that you give them the best possible experience.

Keep your presence consistent

You want to make your place in the minds of your customers and to keep holding onto that influence. It can only happen when your website has a strong impact on everyone who sees it. Your web design should call them, making them return to your website again and again. And during one of these times, they might even become part of your potential leads.

Educate your client

Put content on your website that helps them know more about your company. What could be more interesting to learn more about a company through an interactive website?

Today’s customers like making informative decisions. So educate your clients through videos, online games and written content they can share and interact with.

Sharing is promoting

Encourage your clients to share your content. When you provide a positive experience with engaging content, customers will want to share this experience with others. This will help build good repute for you in the market and bring in more clients.

Bring in organic traffic

When your website is interesting and stands out among other people are more likely to link your website. This will make you pop up in more website searches. This will bring organic traffic to your website as well as improve your ranking by Google. More links will work as a vote of confidence towards your brand.

Higher site authority

An interactive website improves your image in the eyes of Google. Greater interaction helps gain an edge on Google by making it seem that people spend more time on your website and by reducing the bounce rate. It also helps bring in more traffic through sharing and positive reviews.


Unfortunately, not all businesses realize the importance of interactive design and what it can bring to their company. Interactive websites play a vital role in the success of your business. Yet, for those who see its advantage have a great chance to connect with people on a digital platform and retain more clients.


Umair Ahmad

A professional young blogger with over 5 years of experience working within the Digital Marketing & Communications Industry. Practical knowledge, understanding, and experience for a wide range of business disciplines including project management, campaign setup, commercial services, E-Commerce, charitable and civil service sectors. Sharing what works!

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