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Top 10 Destinations To Travel In 2020 That I Would Recommend To My Friends

By Limo Lux, Best Limousine Company In Denver

2020 year is here with it new traveling expectations. Where to go on the next vacation? The possibilities are endless, but I know these top 10 destinations and would recommend them to my friends.


Because it is one of the surprises of southern Africa. It has animals (Hwange National Park), incredible landscapes (Matopos), the strangest ruins on the continent (Great Zimbabwe), and zero tourists. And with the end or start of the trip to Victoria Falls.


Because it is one of the most unique countries in Africa. Pure desert, but one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. In addition, it is stable, safe and you can travel it by yourself in a 4×4 for rent without problem (if you intend to do it, reserve the car months in advance, the demand is tremendous!)

RIJEKA (Croatia)

Because it is the European Capital of Culture 2020 and an excellent excuse to start a trip through this Mediterranean country full of interesting cities. The capital’s program of events begins on February 1, coinciding with the famous Rijeka carnival.

GALWAY (Ireland)

For years, the European cultural capital has been shared by two cities. In 2020, next to Rijeka will be the Irish Galway, a coastal city with a beautiful historic center, departure port for excursions to the Aran Islands, and one of the most powerful centers of Celtic culture on the island. Enough excuses to go to Ireland this summer.

MORAVIA (Czech Republic)

Because there is a lot of Czechia beyond Prague, where most Spanish travelers stay. This year that has just ended I have discovered this region in the south of the country, bordering Austria, with monumental cities such as Olomouc or Brno and rolling countryside landscapes to cycle through.

KERALA (India)

Because it is that other India, less hard and impressive than the one in the north. Just as fascinating as that one, but cleaner, more pleasant and easier for the inexperienced traveler on the subcontinent. An India for beginners, some call it. Kerala occupies the southwest end of the Malabar coast and is famous for its beaches.

KOSICE (Slovakia)

Because the second most important city in the country and the center of the Eastern Carpathians is a perfect complement to Bratislava, the Slovak capital. Kosice has great historical and cultural attributes and is surrounded by a region full of green and water. Waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and hot springs perfect for adventure sports, relaxation, and health.


Because it is the most atypical and least classifiable city in the United States. It is the city of Kerouac and Ginsberg (although none were born here), of Jack London, of Levi Strauss, of the psychedelic rock of Jefferson Airplane, Steve Miller Band, or Carlos Santana. The city where Rolling Stone magazine was born in 1967, and where the creators of Facebook, Google, and Apple now live. In other words, the city where our future is decided. Also Colorado state and Denver city is best to visit where you can find the best limo traveling agents with amazing communication and guides you where to go with limousine rentals in Colorado mountains.


Yes, ok, the world is very big, diverse, and wonderful. But we also have an enviable country with a multitude of landscapes, historical cities, and cultural and natural heritage that deserves to be discovered. In 2020 if you don’t want to or can’t go very far, don’t hesitate: Spain. From Cádiz to Santander, from A Coruña to Almería you will discover why we are one of the top three world powers in tourism.


Because I have a weakness for this Mexican desert and I would recommend it to anyone. The average Spanish traveler (by price and distance) stays on the Caribbean coast, but if you can, get to the Pacific, to this magic peninsula of 1,700 kilometers long where a jungle of cacti and crass plants grows, there are kilometer-long beaches without a soul around, the sea is wild and there are excellent samples of Jesuit missions. Los Cabos is the most mundane part; I recommend you see them … and go north soon in search of more comforting solitudes.


Limo Lux

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