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How DevOps Outsourcing Helps Startups and SMBs 

There’s a growing demand among startups and SMBs to further reduce the execution time for software development projects. Developers try different methods to achieve this goal such as experimentation, process optimization, and employing new methodologies again and again. DevOps is an agile approach to software development that ensures fast deployment of the software by combining development and operations. DevOps services engage professionals at every phase of SDLC and provide companies with a rapid speed of development without compromising on product quality. Hence, 

Here’s how DevOps outsourcing helps startups and SMBs. 

Devops OutsourcingAccess Specialized Skills 

DevOps outsourcing services providers have a wide pool of highly qualified and skilled DevOps engineers. These companies follow a well-established recruitment process based on merit. From shortlisting to the final selection, the candidates’ competencies are evaluated by experienced HR managers and DevOps professionals. 

Remote DevOps staff does not need any training; you just need to integrate them with your in-house team. Hiring skilled DevOps engineers can help you become an elite DevOps company and outperform your competitors. 


DevOps-oriented IT infrastructure is very expensive making it almost impossible for startups and SMBs to deploy DevOps practices. Sufficient time and resources are required to recruit qualified DevOps engineers and provide them with training and necessary equipment. 

On the other hand, you need not bear the liabilities of full-time employees with DevOps outsourcing. Instead, your outsourcing partner is responsible for team selection, training, and provision of facilities. Moreover, outsourcing DevOps to a low-cost country like Pakistan can reduce your expenses. Given below are hourly rates of DevOps outsourcing services in different countries/regions: 


Country/Region  Hourly Rates 
US  $72/hr 
Europe  $54/hr 
Asia  $46/hr 
India  $25/hr 
Pakistan  $9/hr 


Fast Delivery and Better Products 

DevOps outsourcing shortens SDLCs and ensures continuous testing and deployment. The providers of DevOps-as-a-Service encourage collaboration among different departments. These cross-functional and productive teams work together to find feasible solutions to complex problems. 

Consequently, outsourcing DevOps helps startups and SMBs to improve the quality of their software products and reduce their delivery time. They can release better products in a short time without exceeding their budget limits. 

Lower Risks 

When you outsource DevOps services, your outsourcing partner is responsible for all kinds of organizational, legal, and financial risks. Outsourcing agencies have to manage workplace facilities, buy software or hardware licenses, bear liabilities of DevOps staff, and pay taxes. 

The owners of startups and SMBs only have to pay on an hourly basis for the assigned job. This way, you can focus on core areas of your business like growth, R&D, and innovation. Instead of concerning about deadlines, now you can work towards business expansions and customer satisfaction. 

Mentorship for Your In-house Teams 

Remote DevOps professionals work as a part of your organization by integrating with an in-house team. They bring with them advanced skills, knowledge, and experience that boost your corporate growth and help you accomplish your desired goals. 

Moreover, qualified and skilled outsourced DevOps teams provide mentorship to your in-house workers. The collaboration allows your full-time staff to learn the latest DevOps techniques and master advanced competencies. Consequently, DevOps outsourcing reduces rework by 5% and unplanned work by 22%. Companies outsourcing DevOps have a three times lower failure probability. 

Hire DevOps at Khired Networks 

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