How to live a happy life ?

Life is once. God created human and give them chance to live it. God gifted human with various kind of emotions. These emotional reactions occur automatically and unconsciously depending to the situation anyone is going through. One can feel happiness, sadness, excitement, disgust, anger, fear and many others. But human should control their emotions. But it is demand of life to live it happily and should give good vibes and positivity to the earth. But the question is,

How to BE Happy all the time? Yes this is the point how to be happy in the world full of sorrow and tensions. Studies show that anyone can be happy by focusing the positive side of the world. By following some tricks anyone can live happily.

1 Exercising:

Mental and physical health affects our mood. For healthy mind and body exercising is very important. Lot of studies tells that exercising releases the good mood hormones Endorphins so that you are always in happier mood. The University of Toronto did a good job on this and analyzed at least 25 research studies. The result was that physical activity can help to keep depression away. They make three groups of depressed people. One group treated with anti-depressants, one treated the exercising and one treated with the combination of two. The results of three groups were same, but after six months the group that was exercising had a very low setback rate of 9%. The other two groups had the setback rate of 31% or 38% and they were feeling depression again.

2 Positivity and your Performance:

“Happiness is the Forefather of success.” – Shawn Achor

According to the Shawn Achor tension, irritation, success, economic condition, relationship and so on affect your happiness, but these and predict only 10% of your long term happiness. The 90% depends how you behave with the world around you. Positive thinking raises energy levels, creativity and productivity. Happiness is not depend on the richness, success or be famous but it is hidden inside the positivity with in you. See the positive side of the things and spread positivity around you.

3 Think How Blessed you are:

Feeling and thinking about the thing that u are blessed is a great source of happiness. Research shows that our brain focus on negative aspect of life like worries, tragedies, failure, and dissatisfaction. We need to focus on positive side of things in our life. There are various ways to do this. here are some.

  • When u wakes up reminds three main things that you can be grateful for.
  • Observe the things you are blessed with and someone wants to get it.
  • Express gratefulness by treating a colleague to coffee for their help with a project or task.
  • Try to help someone.

4 Practice mindfulness:

Mindfulness is a condition in which you concentrate and pay full attention to the current situation. Focus on the current moment means that you can taste, touch, smell and other physical sensations but also happy feelings. Feel the joy in little things. It is very helpful in forget about the past and not frightened about future.

5 Helping Others:

People cannot feel long term happiness by buying big houses, lavish car and other luxuries. Research shows that by spending a little money and time to helping other you can feel inner peace and happiness.

6 Don’t Forget Beauty of Your Sleep:

Research shows when you don’t get enough sleep, your negative thoughts inside you become powerful. Your mental health destroyed. A sound mind can make your life happier. When your sleep disturbed it starts to creak and negative thoughts muscle in much more than before.

Final Thoughts:

These methods are scientifically proven to make you feel happy. If u thinks your life is full of worries and tensions, think again it’s really never too late to live a happier or satisfied life.

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