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Interesting Facts About New Jersey’s Gateway City- Newark

Newark, the colossal city of New Jersey, is located in the center of New York’s metropolitan area. Often referred to as a formidable neighbor of New York, the city has a significant international airport. It is adjacent to subways, light rails, bridges, and a large metropolitan area (spanning west of the Hudson River), leading to New York City. Newark may look small if compared to its neighboring cities. But it is still the most extended city in the whole Garden State. Here we have for you some lesser-known yet exciting facts about Newark.

Fun-Fact No. 1

Founded in 1666, Newark is the third-largest city in the United States and was established after New York and Boston. Although the unlucky years may shock some early colonists, they continued to settle, so they can only blame themselves.

Fun-Fact No. 2

In Newark, the military park is most famous for its American War Memorial, by Gutzon Borglum, who also carved Mount Rushmore. Although Newark’s sculpture is not as eye-catching as a 20-foot-high nose, it does have a kind of “Easter egg”-the bottom of the statue is sword-shaped when viewed from above.

Fun-Fact No. 3

Newark’s current land where goods are traded was purchased by Puritan settlers from Hackensack Indians, including gunpowder, rifles, lead, pistols, axes, swords, knives, coats, kettles, etc. Worth $750. Maybe the only time when Manhattan was cheaper than Newark.

Fun-Fact No. 4

Branch Book Park, Newark(1895) is the oldest and the only country park in the entire United States, which is home to the vast collection of those lovely cherry-blossoms numbering to almost 4300 trees altogether. The annual cherry blossom festival in the park is the biggest in the entire tri-state area.

Fun-Fact No. 5

The city is just a short distance of 8 miles from New York, and visiting there is a piece of cake.

Fun-Fact No. 6

One of the nicknames of Newark is the Gateway City. The city got this nickname from the Gateway Center commercial complex located inside the city center, not the other way around. Conversely, the Gateway area of ​​New Jersey is named after Newark’s business-inspired nickname. You can visit Newark city by making Copa Airlines reservations and get to know more about its nicknames by talking to Newark’s locals.

Fun-Fact No. 7

Newark’s other nickname, Brick City, refers to its numerous brick house projects. Although these projects have now been demolished, they are not too flattering. The Sundance Channel series “Brick City” tells about Newark’s urban renewal efforts, although some people regard it as the mayor’s transfer to Senator Cory Booker’s extended advertising.

Fun-Fact No. 8

Once in the late 80s/early 90s, Newark became the suspicious place of the world’s car theft capital. After carjacking became an event, Newark also ranked top in the category. Since then, they have fallen below the top of the list, but Newark’s carjacking rate seems to have risen again. Between 2006 and 2008, Newark indeed ranked first in the United States in reducing violent crime. The reported crime rate in 2008 was from 1959. Cory Booker has received many honors for his crime rate decline, enough to make him a finalist for the 2010 World Mayor’s Award. This was not enough to make him a winner, and in 2012, he did not get it further.

Fun-Fact No. 9

The Pulaski elevated highway between Newark and City of Jersey is the first elevated highway in the United States. The Pulaski viaduct is also considered one of the most unreliable roads in the United States. Since it opened in 1932, it has banned all trucks. From now on, all eastbound lanes are closed. Until 2016, it is completed renovation works worth more than $1 billion. 

Fun-Fact No. 10

A Newark local, Sam Porcello invented that yummy Oreo cookie stuffing. And we all are familiar with the Oreo cookie now as it’s popular among both kids and adults and even oldies.

Fun-fact No. 11

A suburb of Newark, West Milford,  has the amplest traffic light in the United States. The lights at the intersection of Clinton Road and Route 23 can last for five and a half minutes. However, Clinton Road not only has long traffic lights; it also has more problems. It is said that this is the most haunting passage in New Jersey. It is filled with mysterious rays, phantom trucks, ghostly children, devil worshippers, and wild animals (ghosts or ancient animals). They are said to have escaped from a safari theme park, closed 40 years ago.

Fun-fact No. 12

New Jersey Historical Society, which alternates exhibits in New Jersey and Newark, is also located in Newark. Fact 5 The Newark Public Library is the most extensive system in the state, with eleven different locations and a series of historical exhibits. Explore the facts and beauties of New Jersey’s city. Make Frontier Airlines Reservations now and enjoy your time.


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